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  1. How often do you visit Indian Trail's downtown area?
  2. Would you be more likely to visit Indian Trail's downtown area if a Park And Ride lot was located there?
  3. How often do you travel to Uptown Charlotte for work/other?
  4. Which route do you typically take when visiting Uptown Charlotte?
  5. Would you be more willing to use the CATS system if a stop was offered elsewhere in town?
  6. Would you be likely to use a Light Rail stop if it was located in Downtown Indian Trail?
  7. Would you be likely to use the Light Rail stop planned for Matthews if shuttles were offered from Indian Trail?
  8. Would you use an Express Route from Indian Trail to Charlotte if multiple buses were offered during peak hours (morning & afternoon)?
  9. If "Yes" how often would you use the Express Route?
  10. What's most important to you in an Express Route?
  11. Would you be willing to pay more for a bus route if the bus offered free wi-fi and laptop plug in spots?
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