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On-street parking ordinance approved

Posted On: December 16, 2016

There must be at least 16 feet of clear, unobstructed roadway for vehicles to safely pass.

The Indian Trail Town Council has approved a new on-street parking ordinance with the help of the Union County Sheriff's Office. The ordinance will go into effect in January and only impact publicly-maintained streets.

The ordinance seeks to improve safety on residential streets throughout Indian Trail and provide sheriff's deputies with more ability to ticket drivers who do not adhere to the on-street parking regulations. Drivers will not be allowed to park on streets where speeds are greater than 30 miles per hour and volumes are greater than 15,000 average vehicles per day. Drivers also will not be allowed to park in residential areas where the street width is 24 feet or less, and any on-street parking must allow at least 16 feet of clear, unobstructed roadway for vehicles to safely pass. Other portions of the ordinance can be found at the Town's website HERE.

"The Town of Indian Trail recognizes that the space for on-street parking in Town is highly valued and in competition with enhancements to pedestrian space, bicycle lanes and the need for roadway capacity," Indian Trail Director of Development Services Patrick Sadek said. "On-street parking can commonly represent the most substantial resource for short-term parking. Therefore, the ordinance was developed to resolve conflicts that can effect emergency response and safety where demand for parking is high and street rights of way are narrow, not to mention the sight distance and the specific needs of pedestrian, vehicles and emergency service apparatus."

Other related factors were taken into consideration while developing the ordinance: parking demand needs of the land use, vehicle traffic-carrying objective of a street, reduced roadway capacity, street classification, parking interference with traffic flow, potential crashes, traffic calming effect, separation of pedestrian facilities from motor-vehicle travel lanes, and surrounding area demand for short-term parking.

Union County Sheriff's Office deputies will begin issuing warnings to illegally parked residents starting in January, and will be able to issue a civil penalty in the amount of $25. Deputies and Town staff also will have the authority to have vehicles towed at the owner's expense.

Residents with questions are welcome to contact the Indian Trail Administrative Building at 130 Blythe Drive or by calling 704-821-5401. Town staff also will visit area HOA meetings to address questions if asked.

For a photo representation of the new ordinance provisions, please click HERE. Not every condition of the ordinance is represented in the photos. Click the link at the top of this news release for the full ordinance.

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