Stormwater Utility Fee

What is a Stormwater Utility Fee used for?
A Stormwater Utility Fee is used for: water pollution

  • Infrastructure improvement and maintenance programs
  • Inspections of detention ponds
  • Investigating spills or reports of illegal dumping
  • Ensuring Town compliance with federal and state water quality requirements

How is the Stormwater Utility Fee calculated?
The stormwater utility fee is based on the amount opf impervious area on a non-residential property.

What is an impervious surface:
Impervious area is any surface that prevents water from soaking into the ground (i.e.- buildings, driveways, parking lots). Previous surfaces are surfaces that allow water to soak into the ground (lawns, gardens).


                            Suburban Setting                                                          Urban Setting
                      Impervious: rooftop, driveway, sidewalk                    Impervious: rooftops, buildings
                      Pervious: lawn, garden                                                                       sidewalks, driveways

Residential Rates:
The stormwater utility fee is determined by the footprint of your house.

Residential Rate  
Tier 1:  <  2,000 sq. ft. $ 3.54 per month
Tier 2:  >  2,000 sq. ft. $ 4.24 per month


Non -Residential Rates:
Impervious area was measured from a sample of single family residential parcels within the town and an average was calculated. This average is referred to as the Equivalent Residential Unit (ERU). A set rate has been determined for an ERU. All non-residential properties will be assigned a fee based on the amount of ERU for impervious area.

Example of a Non-Residential Stormwater Fee:

Impervious ERUs Yearly Fee
31,746 sq. ft. 16 $518.40


Can I Reduce or Dispute a Stormwater Utility Fee?
Yes- There is a credit system in place that allows for a maximum 50% credit for qualified water quality facilities.

Call the Stormwater Services Information Line at 704-821-8114 for more information.