Residential Garbage Collection Service

Your garbage is now picked up faster and more efficiently using fully automated trucks. This improvement saves money and helps the environment by reducing the amount of trucks driving around the town every day.

Remember only non-recyclable and non-hazardous itmes should go in your beige rollout cart.

 Tips for successful garbage collection:

Leave a 2 foot minimum between your two carts and between the carts and other obstructions like mailboxes, parked cars, utility poles, etc.
Never block streets, sidewalks, mailboxes or driveways.
Place carts out by 7am the day of collection and retrieve carts by 9pm the day of collection.


Make a commitment to reduce the amount of waste you produce (purchasing only items you need or will consume, and composting when possible), become an avid recycler (with even more items to recycle!), and reuse items that are still functional (be creative and find new uses, or pass them along to others). It’s an easy commitment that makes a world of difference!