Message From the Sheriff's Office

In a continued effort to increase awareness of safety issues in Indian Trail, please read the following and pass this information along to your neighbors, church / civic groups, and friends:

Visit Our Website

The Union County Sheriff's Office is pleased to offer many services on our website. Citizens can apply for gun permits, look up criminal reports from their neighborhoods, check recent arrests, sign up for email or phone alerts, and much more. Visit our website. We are on Facebook. Like our page at to get notifications on important road closures and criminal activity in your own town.

Preventing Car Break-Ins

We continue to experience car break-ins in Indian Trail. These break-ins have been taking place in both residential and commercial areas. While we have made arrests of individuals breaking into vehicles, we continue to have incidents. Always lock your vehicle when it is unattended. When leaving your car parked, remove all personal items such as wallets, checkbooks, and money. Remove or conceal any valuables, such as GPS units, iPods, phones, and XM radios. When shopping, place purchased items in your trunk, not in view. To help prevent your vehicle from being targeted, park in a lighted area, use wheel locks, and consider an alarm system. Always check your car to ensure that the wheels have not been tampered with prior to driving.

Criminal Thefts

To prevent thefts from happening and catch those who commit these types of crimes, law enforcement relies on the watchful eyes of the communities we serve. Call 911 if you see any suspicious activity. Try to make note of person/vehicle descriptions, identifying features, and where you last saw the suspicious person/vehicle. Provide the 911 operator with your name and a callback number so an officer can contact you to help him/her locate a problem that you saw. Officers sometimes respond to incidents only to have trouble finding the location or person. By having a callback number, it helps us find and handle problems quickly. Many of our communities have active neighborhood watch programs. If your community does not have a neighborhood watch, you can still be proactive in deterring and reporting criminal activity in your area. Anyone with information regarding crimes may contact Union County Crime Stoppers at 704-283-5600 to provide a tip.

Protecting Children

If you have teenage children, please review Indian Trail's Juvenile and Minor Protection Ordinance (PDF).

Protecting Pets

If you have pets, please review the Indian Trail Animal Ordinance (PDF).


Take time to review the Indian Trail Parking ordinance. The goal of the parking ordinance is to ensure that town streets are accessible by our residents and service delivery vehicles. Large trucks such as school buses, garbage trucks, fire trucks, parcel delivery trucks, and ambulances can not access areas when vehicles are parked in a manner that impedes the normal flow of traffic. 

Protecting Property

If your home or business has a security system, it must be registered with the Town of Indian Trail. You may print the application online and return it to the Planning Department. Make sure that you and your family members (or employees) are aware of how to operate your alarm system. False alarms consume an officer's time and resources that could be used for more proactive policing matters.

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