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Special Event/Reservation Application

  1. What are you looking for?
  2. Time
  3. Community festival, concert, birthday party, other...
  4. Park selection
  5. Chesnut Square Park facility selection
  6. Crooked Creek Park facility selection
  7. Crossing Paths Park facility selection
  8. Secondary Park Selection
  9. Chestnut Square Park facility selection
  10. Crooked Creek Park facility selection
  11. Crossing Paths Park facility selection
  12. Set-up
  13. Estimated Attendance
  14. Selling Alcoholic Beverages? (Alcohol is Prohibited)
  15. Contacted Health Department? (If you are having a food vendor)
  16. Bounce House? (Town of Indian Trail must be listed on Bounce House Companies Certificate of Insurance)
  17. Amplified Sound?
  18. SUBMISSION OF THIS FORM DOES NOT GUARANTEE APPROVAL OF THE EVENT. Failure to complete all sections of this form and meet all requirements may result in delay, limitations or cancellation of your event. Town of Indian Trail Parks & Recreation Department reserves the right to deny approval of special events that do not comply with Town of Indian Trail’s ordinances and/or policies.
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