Yard Waste Collection

Re-Use Yard Waste First

The Town of Indian Trail collects all types of yard waste, however much of this material can be managed at home and beneficially reused by the resident. Utilization of mulching mowers for grass clippings and compost piles for leaves will yield healthier lawns, shrubs and gardens. If you do not wish to manage your own yard waste, the town will collect the material every other week on your regular collection day.

How to Put Yard Waste Out for Collection

Brush and other trimmings should be stacked neatly next to the curb and should not obstruct the sidewalk or block storm drains. Branches and shrub trimmings should not exceed 4 feet in length and should be less than 4 inches in diameter.

Leaf Collection

  • Loose leaves placed at the curb are a violation of Town code and are subject to Code Enforcement and removal penalties.
  • Expanded leaf collection (up to 25 bags per pick-up) will be provided during peak periods.
  • Leaves should be placed in clear plastic or brown paper biodegradable bags weighing less than 35 pounds each. Bagged materials are collected bi-weekly on your regular waste collection on the opposite week from when you put out your recycling.
Plastic and paper bags of yard waste