Stormwater Services

  1. Code Violation Report Form

    By submitting this form, all information including your name and address becomes public record. Observing citizen's information may remain anonymous, but form must be complete.

  2. Goose & Crooked Watersheds

    The Goose and Crooked Creek watersheds, located in both Mecklenburg and Union Counties, are approximately 42 and 53 square miles, respectively. These creeks encompass eleven local government jurisdictions, including Indian Trail.

  3. Phase II Stormwater Program

    The Phase II program extends permit coverage to communities with populations less than 100,000 and public entities that own or operate a municipal separate storm sewer system. Indian Trail has been a Phase II community since 2005.

  4. Public Outreach & Education

    Water quality is very important to our community. Indian Trail Stormwater Services strives to maintain clean water through public education and outreach within our community.

  5. Stormwater & Street Service Request Form

    Use this form for stormwater maintenance service requests and/or for street maintenance service Requests.

  6. Stormwater Utility Fee

    Learn what the stormwater utility fee is used for and how the stormwater utility fee is calculated.

Stormwater Services Indian Trail, NC