Public Outreach & Education

Water Quality

Water quality is very important to our community. Indian Trail Stormwater Services strives to maintain clean water through public education and outreach within our community. Did you know that pollutants that are washed down our stormwater drains are not treated? These pollutants go directly into our rivers and lakes. In a recent survey, 62% of respondents believe that stormwater is treated- think again!

Stormwater Services Education & Outreach Programs

Adopt-a-Stream & Storm Drain Marking Programs
Click the link above to learn more or call Stormwater Services at 704-821-5401 to schedule a time to volunteer!

Enviroscape Demonstrations

The Enviroscape is a great way to visually explain how stormwater pollution affects water quality in our local watersheds. Interested in having an Enviroscape demonstration at your school, Home Owners Association meeting, or civic group? Call Adam McLamb with Stormwater Services at 704-821-5401 to schedule a demonstration.
Children standing around a table watching a teacher demonstrate how stormwater works

Stormwater Educational Booth

Stormwater Services strives to educate the public at any opportunity. Stormwater Services is always present at Town events such as Family Fun Day and has also made many informational presentations at local Home Owner Association events.