Searchable Trash and Recycling/Yard Waste Maps

Searchable Maps

These searchable Trash Day and Recycling/Yard Waste Zone maps allow residents to input their addresses and easily find which day to put out their trash and which weeks to put out their recycling and yard waste.

How to Use the Maps:

  • Click on one of the maps below to open it. 
  • Type in your address in the search bar in the upper left corner. 
  • Click on your address. Depending on which map you’ve selected, you will either see your trash day or the colors of your recycling and yard waste weeks.

Recycling/Yard Waste Zone Map

Recycling-Yard Waste Map Opens in new window

Once you’ve determined your color weeks for recycling and yard waste, you can refer to the Solid Waste Calendar to see the current color week.