Revenue / Tax Department

All Indian Trail residents pay both city and county property taxes. In North Carolina, property taxes are levied annually against all real property, business equipment and vehicles (including boats) by each municipality and each county.

Paying Your Tax Bill

The current tax rate is 18-1/2 cents per each $100 of assessed value. Taxes are due September 1 and become delinquent after January 5. Online payment is also available.

Residential Rates

Stormwater fees are now included on your tax bill (as of 2008) at the following residential rates:

Tier Rate
Tier 1: Less than 2,000 square feet
$4.43 per month / $53.10 per year
Tier 2: More than 2,000 square feet
$5.30 per month / $63.60 per year

Non-Residential Rates

For non-residential properties, the impervious area was measured from a sample of single family residential parcels within the town and an average was calculated. This average is referred to as the equivalent residential unit (ERU) and represents an impervious area of 2,060 square feet. A set rate of $3.38 per ERU per month will be charged on non-residential properties.

Stormwater fees are due September 1 and become delinquent after January 5.

Taxes can be mailed to:
PO Box 2430
Indian Trail, NC 28079

Or they may be paid at Town Hall:
315 Matthews-Indian Trail Road
Indian Trail, NC 28079

Hours at the Town Hall are from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Also, there is a depository for after-hours payment located by the front door at Town Hall. You can now use credit/debit cards to pay your taxes online. Please note a convenience fee will be charged by a third party for using this service.

When making your payment, please be sure to send the bottom portion of your tax bill or write your account number on the check.

Tax Schedule

Taxes cover the fiscal year beginning July 1 through June 30 of each year as required by state law. Some financial institutions and others compute taxes on a calendar year basis.

Tax bills are mailed in late summer each year. If you or your mortgage company does not receive a tax bill by September 1, please call Town Hall at 704-821-5401.

Taxes are due on September 1 of each fiscal year but can be paid through January 5 without penalty. Interest on delinquent taxes is 2% after January 5 and ¾ of 1% each month thereafter.

Property Owners With Mortgages

Many homeowners with a mortgage have funds held in escrow by their mortgage company to pay property taxes. The mortgage company usually pays the tax bill directly to the town, but mix-ups can occur. This year tax bills will not be mailed to the homeowner if an escrow account exists. If the mortgage company changes, the homeowner should contact the Tax Department at Town Hall with that information. The property owner, not the mortgage company, is penalized if the bill isn't paid.

Who Sets Values

Union County assigns values to all property within the county, including all of the municipalities.

Questions regarding Union County taxes should be directed to:

  • Union County Tax Administration Office Assessment Division: 704-283-3746
  • Union County Tax Administration Office Collection Office: 704-283-3848

Questions regarding Town of Indian Trail taxes should be directed to the Indian Trail Tax Collector, who can be reached at 704-821-5401.

Online payment is also available.