ARPA Funding

What is ARPA Funding?

On March 11, 2021, President Biden signed the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) into law. Governments across the country received funds to help combat the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Through ARPA, the Town of Indian Trail will receive $12.7 million to assist in response to the pandemic and rebuild a stronger community. To date, the Town has received $6.35 million and expects to receive the remaining funds in July or August of 2022. 

How Can ARPA Funding be Spent?

The federal government outlined five categories where funding can be spent. 

  • Addressing COVID Public Health - to utilize funding to better support public health. As public health is handled through Union County, the Town does not have many funding opportunities in this category. 
  • Addressing COVID Economic Impact - where COVID created additional harm to citizens aside from health concerns. 
  • Replacing Lost Revenue - municipalities can take a maximum Revenue Replacement Allowance of $10 million. The Town has chosen to take the maximum Revenue Replacement Allowance. 
  • Providing Premium Pay - government employees who worked through the pandemic experienced a greater risk of contracting COVID-19. This category would provide hazard pay to those eligible employees
  • Infrastructure Investment - making necessary investments to provide or improve access to clean drinking water, improving wastewater, stormwater infrastructure and expanding access to broadband internet. Stormwater infrastructure is the only item in this category where the Town could use ARPA funds. 

ARPA Funds

Revenue Replacement

The Town of Indian Trail chose to take the standard Revenue Replacement Allowance of $10 million, the maximum amount allowed by ARPA. The Town will use these funds to pay for the Union County Sheriff’s Office contract for the next two-and-a-half years, which is an allowable use under ARPA. This will create $10 million in surplus general funds to be used for various projects that will help support the community. 

Stormwater Projects

Of the remaining $2.7 million of ARPA funds, $2 million will be used for stormwater projects, including culvert replacements and rehabilitation of the Town's rain gardens, sand filter basins, and wet ponds. 

Premium Pay

The Town Council approved premium pay for the Town staff, not to exceed $211,000. 

Remaining ARPA Funds to Allocate

The Town has approximately $489,000 in remaining ARPA funding to allocate to additional stormwater infrastructure projects.

Town Funds

Surplus Funds

To date, the Town has dedicated the following available surplus funds:

  • $346,085 to the Porter Ridge and Indian Trail Athletic Associations
  • $4,327,215 for fire trucks for the Baker’s, Hemby Bridge, and Stallings Fire Departments
  • $125,780 to the James B. Crump VFW Post 2423
  • $200,000 to Cameron's House of Hope
  • $400,000 toward water lines for Indian Trail residents  in the Emerald Woods subdivision who are on well water
  • $310,000 to Food for Families
  • $150,000 to the Union West Rotary
  • $11,000 to the Indian Trail Lion's Club
  • $165,000 to Common Heart
  • $90,000 for the purchase of a minibus for the Town Hall

Timeline for Use of Funds

  • Funds must be obligated by Dec. 31, 2024
  • Funds must be spent by July 1, 2026

If you have any questions about ARPA funding, please contact Director of Public Works Adam McLamb at or call 704-821-5401.